Neurocardiogenic Syncope

My first diagnosis was given to me in 2011 after a tilt table test (TTT), EKG, few open MRIs and a 30 day heart monitor. I have Neurocardiogenic Syncope (also weirdly known as “the common faint”). For short, many of us just call it NCS, so that’s what I’ll do. It’s basically where your heart and brain fail to see eye-to-eye and you lose consciousness. However, I never lose consciousness until I collide with the ground. 
I have spent years trying to understand why this happens, but there’s no real reason as to why. It’s just really one of those medical mysteries. All I know is that it actually sucks to experience it! For me, the first thing to go is my hearing. I then can’t move and is almost paralyzed. Then my heart starts palpitating. And finally, I suffer tunnel vision and then I have a few seconds to warn anyone around me one time. From start to finish, it is usually under 2 minutes. 
Sounds scary, right? It is. It’s petrifying! It’s like your dying and can see everything play out in front of your eyes and can’t do anything to protect yourself or stop it. It happens suddenly. Now I also have SVT…


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