Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

I am currently waiting for the UAMS hospital to contact me for my upcoming stay. It took well over 10 years to finally meet a Epileptologist in Arkansas! I couldn’t be more happier. 
Apparently, my Epileptologist thinks that I am suffering from Atypical Absence Seizures or Petit Mal seizures based on my symptoms and my history. I guess it makes sense, given that my cardiologist has recently ruled out the possibility that it is heart related. 
When I have an episode, I usually just “black out” and can’t hear or see for seconds or so. The only way I know it happens is if I’m driving or watching TV or something on Netflix. Usually a commercial will have came on and when I come back to it’s gone. It’s scary when you don’t know what’s going on. 
Being unable to legally drive for a year, it is so much more difficult than you first thought it would be. I was told to not drive at my appointment, but when I can’t walk in the sun like I need to, things are that much more complicated. To have to depend on other people to not be late or become fed up…I just prefer not. 
This hospital stay is going to be a minimum of 5 days. They’ll attempt to cause a seizure by keeping me awake, hungry, stressed and might even use lights to bring them on. I know it’s necessary to go through it all, but I’m definitely not feeling it. It’s like being put away from friends and family! 😩
If the stay is successful, I will be able to leave at the end of my 5 days. If not, I might have to stay longer. If I get my supplemental insurance started, it would help so much! $200 per day adds up nicely and will help with the unexpected bills while I’m away. One can only hope. 
I’ll be sure to update the blog once I find out when I am leaving and once I touch down!

See ya! 


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