Epilepsy Monitoring Unit

I am currently waiting for the UAMS hospital to contact me for my upcoming stay. It took well over 10 years to finally meet a Epileptologist in Arkansas! I couldn't be more happier.  Apparently, my Epileptologist thinks that I am suffering from Atypical Absence Seizures or Petit Mal seizures based on my symptoms and my… Continue reading Epilepsy Monitoring Unit


Neurocardiogenic Syncope

My first diagnosis was given to me in 2011 after a tilt table test (TTT), EKG, few open MRIs and a 30 day heart monitor. I have Neurocardiogenic Syncope (also weirdly known as "the common faint"). For short, many of us just call it NCS, so that's what I'll do. It's basically where your heart… Continue reading Neurocardiogenic Syncope